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About Us

Welcome to AFC Custom Granite. We have been in the stone fabrication business for over 20 years in New Jersey and have just recently opened up our new facility in Charlotte, N.C. to help meet the growing demand for fine, expertly crafted natural stone products.Our craftsman are among the finest in the world and bring together a mixture of traditional hand craftsmanship and the latest current technology available in the industry.

Our custom stone fabrication facility is staffed with dedicated full time stone craftsmen. We also have an experienced sales staff to help you with your selections, designs and to assist you in getting your project underway. We know how important it is to furnish a quality product ontime and their experience and extensive knowledge will help to assure the success of your project.

The current trend and high demand for stone is due in part to a rekindling of interest in durable, beautiful, natural materials and also due in part to the improved cost due to the new advances in technology.